Harmony & Hue, LLC

Where Creativity Never Expires

Harmony & Hue creates engaging art experiences that promote happiness, health and harmony within the Valley’s senior communities.

Harmony & Hue sessions are unique in that they focus on the process rather than a product. They have a heavy emphasis on using and strengthening fine motor skills and using creative applications of materials. They require no contracts and are affordable for all budgets. The sessions accommodate individuals as well as small or large groups, and design projects with abilities, strengths, and interests in mind—and we have a ton of fun!


Active Hands, Active Brain

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See what others have to say…

“It was a very well-prepared activity. I felt especially grateful that Jenna was able to guide us through an activity that was of special significance and meaning to our matriarch. Jenna is absolutely fantastic at what she does.”

Heather S.

“We love having [Jenna] in our building. Wonderful art classes and a very kind and talented teacher.”

Anne B.

“Harmony and Hue has become a staple in our activities. Our residents enjoy the art and Jenna’s energy keeps them motivated. Jenna is highly professional and very dependable. We appreciate her work and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Cassandra E., Memory Programs Coordinator

“Jenna’s personality and energy is contagious! She brings so much fun and joy to our community, through her unique approach to art. She is very patient when teaching our residents. I would highly recommend Harmony & Hue! Jenna is very professional, organized and dependable!”

Bren, Enrichment Leader