About Harmony & Hue, LLC

Harmony & Hue’s Beginnings  

Brianne and Jenna met through their toddlers’ daycare in 2016. While chatting during many play dates, the new moms began to share their struggles of being working professionals while trying to balance family life.

With Brianne having a background in the medical field with a passion for music and Jenna coming from public education with a love for art, they decided to take a professional leap together while incorporating their passions and formed Harmony & Hue.

Brianne and Jenna sang, painted, banged, stamped, strummed, glued, shook and rolled their way through 43 sessions in just 6 months.

In late October, Brianne received a full-time job opportunity and therefore the music portion of H&H sessions could no longer be offered. So as we jump into 2019, Harmony & Hue is still going strong but only with an art focus.

  Jenna has had a love for art and the young at heart since she can remember. With 12 years of teaching art in public schools and a practicing artist herself, she loves all things art related.

When she was 9 years old, her mom made her volunteer at the local nursing home to prevent her and her 3 siblings from going stir crazy while home for the summer. Each of them was assigned a resident that they would visit weekly. She remembers bonding with her new friend, Doris, making bookmarks and bracelets.

Junior year of high school, Jenna got a job as wait staff at an upscale retirement home, working after school and on the weekends. She had a wonderful experience building relationships with the residents as they participated in their favorite part of the day- meal time.

Fast forward to 2018 and things have come full circle. Jenna left a comfortable job as an art teacher and started a new business focusing on art programs in senior living communities and couldn’t be happier!

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